GRETA de l'académie de Toulouse

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Training offers

For each project, its training
A service proposed by your SARAPP antenna close to you…

Educational program domains

  • Computer applications, office suites
  • Accounting, management
  • Secretarial
  • Languages
  • General information – preparation for concourses
  • Social welfare and health

An offer of training with partners


The SARAPP antennas relay the training programs proposed by other organisations (AFT-IFTIM, Réseau Pyramide, AFPA, DRAF…).

The SARAPP antennas implement unique programs to respond to organisations or businesses that need ancrage points in the territory of Midi-Pyrenees.


In 2007, 5,121 persons had followed a training avec the SARAPP

  • 64% followed a training in computer applications, in PAO / PRE AO or a module aiming to master the internet
  • 21% prepared a concours or followed a training in general information
  • 9% chose a professional education in the domain of accounting and secretariat
  • 6% wished to work on foreign languages (English, Spanish, Italien)
  • Others followed regulatory training in fields of transport, health, etc.