GRETA de l'académie de Toulouse

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A learning organisation

A personnalised service throughout the learning process

Reception and analysis of the demand


A first meeting with the guide-relay of the SARAPP antenna the closest to your residence or your place of work, allowing to precise the initial demand within your professional project.

The guide-relay undertakes the research of the financings


A personnalised and individualised training plan

An evaluation allows to evaluate the initial competency
Once the level is defined, the objectifs, the constraints in terms of rythme and hours, the referred trainer elaborates a training content and planning.

The training plan is modifiable throughout the program according to difficulties encountered or new constraints.

Training accompanied remotely

The referred trainer designs the content and the exercices and transfers them to the guide-relay. The latter offers any necessary methodoligical advice, and puts the trainee in touch with the trainer. The guide-relay surveils the proper advancement of the training, supports and encourages the interne in the management and organisation of the program.

A regular pedagogic follow-up

Daily, internes and trainers communicate via internet or telephone. Further, meetings are planned at a pre-defined location, or via visioconference. These meetings facilitate the learning relation and allows to modulate the training if necessary.