GRETA de l'académie de Toulouse

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The strength of the Greta

The Greta network of national education responds to the needs of adult education throughout a lifetime.

For the Midi-Pyrenees, it’s represented by :

  • 10 Greta, 65 rural centers for proximity (SARAPP), distributed over 8 departments which earn 19,5M€ of revenues
  • 22,500 internes (employed, unemployed, business owners, youth apprenticships) trained in 2007
  • 1,840,000 internes that chose public service, since 2000, for a vocational education, a qualification, for a professional activity
  • 3000 business clients
  • Trainings for more than 500 trades
  • More than 100 welcome and training centers
  • 350 permanent employes
  • 56 advisors in continued eductation that visit more than 8000 businesses every year.

This network is directed by a service of the rector : the DAFPIC, Academic Delegation for Initial and Continued Professional Education (Délégation Académique aux Formations Professionnelles Initiale et Continue).

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